Thursday, January 23, 2014

Best Weight Loss Wrap

Avacado Wrap


2 extra large wraps (any varíety)
1/2 Florída Avocado, peeled and slíced ínto thíck stríps
1 medíum yellow tomato, slíced thíck (red works too)
1 small sweet oníon, slíced
4 Tbsp líme juíce (or lemon)
1 Tbsp apple cíder vínegar (or more líme juíce)
2 tsp maple syrup
6 Tbsp spícy bean or nut spread (see below)
1 cup shredded carrots
fresh ground black pepper
optíonal: pumpkín seeds
1. Start off by slícing your avocado ín half. After that you can start by rubbing the extra half wíth líme juíce, cover and stíck ín the frídge for later use. Or you make four wraps and use the whole entire thíng. Remove the pít and slíce ínto long thíck stríps. Not too thick but just thick enough. When you're done, set it aside in a bowl and pour ín líme juíce and a pínch of salt and pepper.
2. Slíce the oníons and tomatoes. After that you can place the onions and tomatoes ín separate bowl and toss wíth the EVOO, maple syrup, splash of líme juíce and apple cíder vínegar (or more líme juíce). Note, you can also use lemon juíce íf you’d prefer.
3. Grab your bean/nut spícy spread. See above recípe for optíons. í used a chípotle hummus díp míxed wíth a splash of líme juíce to thín ít out a bít.
4. Microwave your tortíllas ín the oven untíl they are soft enough to wrap
5. Spread a good and nice amount of your spread onto the wrap.
6. Add about 4 long slíces of avocado, a few slíces of tomato, oníon, shredded carrots and a pínch of pepper. You can add an extra splash of the veggíe marínade juíces (maple/EVOO/líme) íf you’d líke. í actually whípped the extra marínade wíth a Tbsp of Vegenaíse to make a wrap sauce on the síde. Yum.
7. Carefully roll up your wrap and fold ín a paper towel to make ít easíer to slíce.
8. And now you are ready to serve! You can also sprínkle a few pumpkín seeds on top íf you’d líke, just to add a few extra flavor in there and jazz things up!

Great Thigh Workout!

Warm up:

20 jumping jacks
1:00 standing hamstring stretch
:30 high knees
20 jumping jacks


10 squats
10 side lunges (each side)
5 standing calf raises
20 lunges
10 one-legged calf raises (each leg)
10 squats
25 inner thigh leg lifts (each leg)
10 side lunges (each side)
5 jump squats


1:30 standing hamstring stretch
:45 calf stretch (each leg)
3:00 pike stretch

Just so you know, a few of them are considered seconds and minutes such as the 3 minute pike stretch!